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How Does Your Cleaners
Measure Up?

Do you think all cleaners are the same?  At first,
you may be tempted to think they are.  After all,
we all clean, press and package clothes. But the
finished product can be as different as night and
day! If you've ever tried to save a couple dollars
at a second-rate cleaners and had
your clothes misplaced, damaged
or were simply disappointed with
the results, then you didn't really
save anything, did you?

Why choose us? It's important to take your clothes to a truly professional cleaner who really understands and cares about what they are doing. How do we do it? ClassiCleaners experienced staff of clothing care experts—along with sustainable—are your guarantee of peace of mind. ClassiCleaners is one of a handful of cleaners serving the metro Washington, DC area trained and licensed to use the GreenEarth CLEANING
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Here's what Some of Our Customers Say . . .

"Thank you for the fabulous job dry cleaning my wife's white leather jacket. I realize the degree of difficulty with the black leather trim and want to acknowledge a great job!"   -- Charlie F, Wash, DC

"I never realized how badly my former cleaners did until I switched to ClassiCleaners." 
--  Julia S, Arlington, VA